Past Events

In January 2009 we had our first group meeting and seven months later we had established non-profit status, funding, a website and the organization of Women of Worship, or WOW, was born. Events sponsored so far by WOW include:








May – Kathleen Carnali in concert
September – God of This City Conference with Linda Dillow and Shannon Wexelberg








February – Dangerous Prayer Worship Conference, Kathy Cordell and Kathleen Carnali
May – Hope’s Alive Women’s conference with Kathy Troccoli
November – Quiet Places Women’s Retreat at the YMCA of the Rockies








March – Rewriting Your Emotional Script Conference with Becky Harling
September – The Healing Journey Conference with Kathy Cordell and Cyndy Sherwood


April – The Gentle Warrior Conference with Kathy Cordell
November – Consumed Retreat at the YMCA of the Rockies


We praise God that these WOW events have not only fostered relationships with other women but worshiping together has also sparked women to seek a deeper and more consistent relationship with Christ. We will continue to come together to sponsor at least two events each year. In between the large events WOW will sponsor Bible studies and fellowship opportunites so women can grow in knowledge and serve the Lord as one body. The foundation of WOW has always been and always will be, prayer. Through the power of prayer and by following the will of God, we hope to grow and continue to foster Christian relationships for many years to come.

His worshiper,
Kathy Cordell
Founder and president of Women of Worship