A message from Kathy

If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would be the founder of a large women’s ministry, I would have laughed myself silly. Even now I shake my head as I look back and think on all that has happened since saying ‘yes’ to God’s call on my life.

In 1985 I received a degree in microbiology from Montana State University. The same summer I married my husband Scott and within 3 years we had moved from Montana to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In the course of time our children Adam and Kelli were born and our family was complete. I worked as a medical technologist, coached my kid’s sports teams and lived a pretty normal life. However, there was a great void in my life and I tried to fill that empty place in some very unhealthy ways. Finally, at the age of 35, I realized that empty place could be filled only by Christ and accepted Jesus as my Savior. Since then, my life has changed in every way possible.

Wow. Sometimes I just ponder the goodness of the Lord and I have nothing else to say…just, wow. Our God has taken this average, every day woman and turned her into a passionate communicator of His love. I think of all the mistakes I have made and the many ways I must have broken the heart of God and yet, He chose to use me anyway.

God placed the idea of forming a worship conference in my mind almost a year before I ever decided to say yes to Him. I knew God was stirring my heart in very deep places and uniquely intimate ways but I did not understand where this stirring was leading.

In May, 2008 I was privileged to have the opportunity to travel to Romania with a group of women led by speaker and author, Linda Dillow. Lidia Schiopu, a tiny Romanian woman barely five feet tall, gathered 600 women from all over the once anti-Christian, communist nation of Romania to one central location for a worship and intimacy conference led by Linda. The 600 women leaders invited to the conference came from diverse backgrounds and different denominations in a country that had never experienced a women’s gathering quite like this before. Lidia’s vision of gathering women from diverse backgrounds and unifying them to worship the Lord stuck with me long after we returned.

I could not forget the vision of the women gathering in Romania or the feeling of God’s presence as He changed their hearts in worship. If this kind of gathering could be accomplished in a country like Romania, surely it could be done for a city! It took six months of ‘wrestling with God’ but finally I said ‘yes’ to His call. God’s message came through loud and clear:

I desire to be worshiped and glorified with one voice. (paraphrase of Rom 15:5-7)

Joshua 1:9 became the Scripture that led me forward and continued to remind me that God has His hand on the heartbeat of our city:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Then I started to make a few calls of my own! I began to make phone calls to women I didn’t even know sharing the vision of bringing women together from different churches for a worship conference! Almost every call elicited the same response: Wow! Our city has needed this for so long. How can I help? From these calls, the ministry of WOW was born.

And God began to bring the women. Women in our city who never knew each other are now divinely joined together for one purpose: to glorify the Lord as one voice. WOW is a ministry which allows women the opportunity to expand God’s divine vision beyond the four walls of our churches. We desire to shine the Truth of God’s Word in our community as we serve, worship and fellowship with one another, while discovering greater personal intimacy with the Lord. The mission of WOW is to encourage and equip women to go back into their homes, churches and places of work to be the wives, mothers, co-workers, friends and ministry leaders God has called them to be.